Licks For Kicks Series:

a lesson breakdown on sections, licks and riff from my full discography. Guitar Pro + PDF included 

get access to over 2 dozen video lessons with Guitar Pro/PDF tablature here 

Melodic Tension Series:

here we dive much deeper to show you scales, modes and how I use them to write songs, licks and riffs. Guitar Pro + PDF included 

Now Offering Music Business Consulting //

After years of managing my own career and helping peers form paths of their own, I decided to offer this service to any artist in need of guidance. Schedule Now


This is an overall assessment of where you are, where you want to be, how to take action and how to monitor those actions in the music business. I am passionately obsessed with the industry and its many aspects from designing a light show to organizing tax write-offs.   $75/hour session

This includes but not limited to:

- overall career assessment 
- branding 
- touring 
- online content 
- business taxation 
- marketing campaigns 

- widen your resource network
- album cycle management 
- social media management

& much more.

These are done live video Skype, Google Hangouts etc. Scheduling will commence once transaction is received and confirmed.

Be prepared for a lot of information!

Guitar Tabs Available Exclusively at Sheet Happens