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4/5/2021 11:30pm

VIDEO |  brand new video demo of the new NOVA 6 featuring clips from the upcoming Away With Words, Part 2 EP ow live! | here

NEW BAND | I announced to my Patrons some time ago that I've joined forces with other musicians in an all-new band. The band will feature vocals while I take on primary songwriting duties. We're almost done tracking our debut release and hoping to release possibly this year. Covid definitely makes things difficult, but we're excited to get this collection of songs out to you soon in addition to Away With Words, Part 2.

1/27/2021 7:44pm

-  charvel nova 6 string model in lucerne aqua firemist announced / pre-orders available worldwide

4/1/2020 8:07pm
- brand new charvel nova model in satin black available now

- photo pages get a facelift

- away with words part 2 is making solid progress 

11/25/2019 3:58pm 

 - new dimarzio video demo  is now live on the Dimarzio Youtube Channel


10/5/2019  3:55pm

- get access to private "close friends" instagram feed. Join any tier here

- new guitar clinic date added for New Jersey on October 17th. More info

- get access to exclusive guitar lesson videos on YouTube or Patreon

- new video of guest solos for Carnifex, Scale the Summit, Divinex + others uploaded to this playlist

3/24/2019  9:30pm

Lots of updates, here's the scoop at a glance :

- new signature guitar launched, you can get one here

- new signature tone bundle with STL Tones launched, you can get it here

- new Patreon page launched. get access to stems, rare live videos, monthly vlogs, one-on-one video hangs, video guitar lessons on many of my licks + songs, private livestreams... it's absolutely nuts. check it out here

- full Synapse guitar playthroughs are all live here.

- Synapse VISUAL STREAMS will launch this week on YouTube.

9/6/2018  6:11am
New merch store launched

3/8/2018  6:27am
Vote on what finish Charvel will use for the upcoming Angel Vivaldi Signature Model here


2/282018  12:00pm
Brand new playthroughs of G.A.B.A, Endorphin and Dopamine now posted here.

01/17/2018  12:38pm

It's past noon the next day and I have yet to sleep. It's well worth breaking night for the arrival of the SECOND new play-through from Synapse. Oxytocin is the molecule responsible for bonding, so I wanted to channel my energy and experience from touring with Gus G last year. We really had a great camaraderie sharing a bus, a crew and a backing band. I felt my strength in riffing and his ability to deliver a melodically punishing solo would be an effective pairing in displaying what this neurotransmitter is all about. His green and my red make a stunning yellow.










09/05/2018  9:16pm
I am finally back home from my European tour with Andy James! As surreal as it was, I'm very happy to be back home for a bit to hustle on some brand new playthroughs for Synapse before I head back out on the first ever Guitar Collective tour with Scale the Summit and Andy James! 

I just recently unveiled the long awaited demo of my signature prototype with Charvel today. Click below, enjoy!  













10/06/2017  9:01am

. s y n a p s e

new album / NOW AVAILABLE
physical copy / bandcamp / itunes / google play / spotify 

08/12/2017  7:00pm

SYNAPSE artwork / track listing / album trailer revealed / pre-orders launched

12/8/2016  6:47pm

My newest play-through for "World Burning Around Me" is up and live on the YouTube channel. It's been a long requested one, so I'm jazzed to have gotten to it. Watch it here: "The World Burning Around Me"

Also very happy to report that I've recently made significant progress on the new album. Like every album cycle, there's always 1 or 2 songs that challenge my ability... along with my patience. There's been an influx of inspiration in the stars for me as of late, so I'm joyfully riding the waves to completing "Synapse."

11/18/2016 1:22am

Watch the newest play-through video for "Acid Reign" here: https://youtu.be/GVsfGqowvOk

I will be debuting 2 additional play-throughs from "The Speed of Dark: Revisited" in the coming weeks. Subscribe to the official YouTube channel

I've also added a number of new items to the merch store including my custom Dunlop pick tins and posters. Check them out at www.districtlines.com/AngelVivaldi.


8/26/2016 3:08pm

"The Speed of Dark - Revisited" is now OUT! It's available on most digital retailers with physicals at www.districtlines.com/AngelVivaldi.

My tour with Gus G in support of this record will kick off in just ONE WEEK! Make sure you grab your tickets and VIP upgrades while they are still available. Cant wait to see all of your pretty faces again!

Tickets & Dates: www.bandsintown.com/AngelVivaldi
VIP Tickets: www.angelandgus.soundrink.com

5/9/2016 11:52pm

"The Speed of Dark - Revisited" is now fully tracked and is currently being mixed & mastered! I had one of the most inspiring and educational experiences of my entire music career while re-tracking this release entirely in my own studio.

I also just launched an entirely new webstore with District Lines! New shirts, tanks, hats, autographed posters, CDs are available for worldwide shipping. Portions of signed items go to 2 charities I work with, The No Impact Project and the National Association to End Homelessness.

Charvel NOVA 6