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A N G E L   V I V A L D I  -  G U I T A R S  +  B A S S +  K E Y B O A R D S
Charvel DK24 / Dimarzio Super Distortion, PAF, Tone Zone 
Charvel AV Prototype / Dimarzio Illuminators

Jackson Custom Shop Soloist 7
Jackson Pro Series DK7Q HT
Ibanez RG7 CT

Kiesel Xcellerator 6 string

- L E A D   G U I T A R S 
Mesa Boogie JP-2C > Cab Clone DI
Standard Tuning

- R H Y T H M   G U I T A R S 
Bogner Ecstacy, Mesa Boogie JP2C for select parts
Standard Tuning, F#, B, F#, B, E, G#, C# for Adenosine


B I L L  F O R E  -  D R U M S  

Tama Starclassic / Bubinga + Birch


R E M I   G A L L E G O -  K E Y B O A R D S

Endorphin, Dopamine, Oxytocin 

C H R I S  T A R G I A  - B A S S 
Additional bass on "Serotonin"

Fretless bass on "Adenosine"


Produced by Angel Vivaldi
Leads and Bass tracked by Angel Vivaldi

Rhythm Guitars and Drums Tracked by Kevin Anatressian at Backroom Studios
Mixed + Mastered by Will Putney at Graphic Nature Audio

Artwork by Ezo Renier
Typography by Intuitive Design

Concept by Angel Vivaldi

Oxytocin - guest solo by Gus G.
Dopamine - guest solo by Oli Herbert
Serotonin - guest solo by Nita Strauss

Adrenaline - guest solo by Julian Ciufuentes

 "Dopamine" + "Serotonin" directed by Tom Flynn

Full playthrough series done by Angel Vivaldi + Camera A operator Chris Targia

Video concepts by Angel Vivaldi

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